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Top Beaches to Visit Around The World

When the temperatures are harsh, all we can do is find our perfect spot at the beach and enjoy every moment. When summer comes, you can’t help but find your way to the beach. 

Also, when Winter is too cold, you can fly away to Africa or warmer climates and enjoy your life at the beach. 

And that’s why we present to you the best beaches that you should consider visiting. 

Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Our first beach is an amazing place everyone should visit. Tulum is next to the stunning Mayan ruins of Mexico. It’s the most popular beach in Mexico. My best friend commented to me on how everyone at the beach had no hair on their bodies. He noticed because he owns Buffalo Laser Spa and recently visited Tulum and was amazed at how gorgeous the beaches are. They are right next to the Mayan ruins which he said everyone should visit and learn about the history and the culture of the Mayans. He showed me some of his pictures of the scenic beaches and views of the ocean. They were great!

People from all over the world go to Tulum to enjoy the scenic view of the ocean, white sand, and crystal clear ocean. 

And when you’re done enjoying your beach walks, you can treat yourself into touring the Tulum’s ruins. It’s an ancient walled city built on a rocky cliff that overlooks the amazing beach. 

It’s like getting two treat at the same time—a beach and ancient city. 

Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles

Anse Source D’Argent is one of the most photographic beaches ibn the world. When you visit, your mind will be blown away by the blinding white sand at the beach. You’ll never see such white sand elsewhere. 

The sand and water sparkle against huge granite boulders worn down by weather and time. 

And when you’re swimming, you won’t have to worry about strong tides and waves. An offshore reef protects the beach from strong water currents. As a result, the water is calm and turquoise. It’s an ideal spot for swimming. 

When at the beach, you will see giant tortoises and endangered birds flying above you. 

Diani, Kenya

Diani beach is a white sand beach that stretches for 17 kilometers. When you visit, you will be amazed by the breathtaking clear water. The sand is white, and the air fresh with jasmine scent. 

When at Diani beach, you can visit a temporary Robison Island that appears for some hours before it’s covered by water again. 

The beach is protected by a long reef that reduces strong water currents and tides. At rare circumstances will you ever see waves coming to the beach. 

At Diani beach, you can enjoy surfing, sky diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling. 

The locals are friendly and welcoming to visitors. When you visit, be sure to try some of the Swahili dishes. 

Also, next to Diani is the Shimba hills game reserve with animal species you will never see anywhere else. 

Polihale Beach, Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is the most visited island in the US. People seeking a romantic adventure they don’t think of any other place. And when you visit Hawaii island, Polihale beach is the most beautiful beach. 

Polihale is located 7 miles west of Kauai. It’s one of the world’s scenic island. 

The locals are friendly, and you’ll love the experience when you visit. 

Parting Shot

If you’re a beach lover, you know how it’s refreshing to sleep on the beach bead with a coconut on the one hand and Camera on the other. You can’t help but enjoy and collect memories for every moment you spend at the beach.


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Planning a Trip to Melbourne, Australia

If you’re intending a trip to Melbourne over the summer after that you can not miss the opportunity to check out a few of these legendary locations along the way. With a little something for everybody, here’s our top summer season Melbourne travel overview.

Luna Park
Luna Park- The clown face entry to this St. Kilda amusement park is almost as identifiable as the Sydney Concert Hall, at the very least to residents. Simply opposite the beach, this timeless theme park was built in 1912. Most of the original rides have actually been replaced, but the old-fashioned feel and look has actually been maintained the very same. The park is residence to the earliest consistently operating rollercoaster worldwide, the Picturesque Railway. Even if coasters aren’t your thing, the entrance is totally free and I have actually heard its most definitely worth a discover on a warm summer night. It’s also in the ever enjoyable location of St. Kilda, where there’s never ever any kind of shortage of cafes, bars and also scrumptious deserts to example.

Great Ocean Roadway
If there’s one view you can’t miss while checking out Melbourne, it’s this. Not unlike the Pacific Shore Freeway in The Golden State, the Great Sea Road is a stunning trip along the south shore of Australia. There’s lots of sights to stop off along the road, consisting of the Cape Otway Lighthouse and a lot of adorable little coastal towns to pick up lunch or a stroll. If you’re thinking about preparing a journey down this popular roadway we recommend taking a few days out to truly see the sights. It so happens that we’ve developed the best Great Ocean Roadway travel plan to get you started!

The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles is probably the most popular quit along the Great Ocean Road. They’re a series of huge limestone rocks drastically protruding the sea. The sight from the cliffs is definitely magnificent. Evidently there’s just 8 left, and were really just 9 to start with, so ethical of the story is that Australians can’t count.

You Yangs
Jules has been suggesting we check out this walk for ages, but I’ve been placing it off; I truly need to remain in the appropriate state of mind to hike (yes I’m a bit lazy). Yet I’m established we check it out prior to we leave due to the fact that it does look really spectacular. This a lovely park for walking the trials, hill biking and also seeing wild animals. Viewing koalas snooze away in the eucalyptus? Yes please!

Wilson’s Headland
Neither Jules nor I have been below yet, however it’s been suggested to us by tons of locals. Checking out pictures of Wilson’s Senior prom seriously makes me intend to jump in the automobile and head there immediately. Despite being very popular with tourists, this park has been immaculately protected. The all-natural plants, wildlife and lovely views of the oceans are exactly what I imagine when I visualize Australia.

Royal Botanical Gardens
These yards are indicated to be a tranquil paradise in the middle of urban Melbourne. I picture this is a terrific spot to seem like you’re getting out of the chaotic busy-ness of the city, while actually staying right in the heart of it. I can’t wait to discover the park, absorb the sensational lake as well as relax with a barbecue lunch on a cozy mid-day.…

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Traveling To Cuba – Cigar Factories

If you have actually heard anything regarding Cuba along your travels there’s a great chance you’ve heard of Cuban stogies. Otherwise, I make sure you’ve seen the legendary photos. Fidel Castro, or Che Guevera, certainly blowing off the U.S with large 10″ cigars hanging out of their mouths, blowing away at interview or hanging out of an old Soviet tank.

cuban cigar manufacturing facility trips

Cuban stogies are without a doubt among Cuba’s most remarkable exports, together with top quality rum and also a big F.U to the Capitalist World. As a non-smoker I didn’t really see the big deal regarding cigars, until I reached Cuba. While I’m definitely not converted, I can state I enjoyed a number of the smoother Romeo y Julieta’s over a few rums.

While we were in Cuba we actually wanted to recognize the phenomenon behind these famous stogies, and also what better method to fully experience the cigar life than walking inside among the federal government ran manufacturing facilities. We took the opportunity while passing by Santa Clara, additionally popular for being the final resting area of Che Guevera.

cuban cigar manufacturing facility excursions

The stogie factory in Santa Clara is located only a brief stroll from the facility of town. Upon arrival we were satisfied by a pleasant receptionist that with confidence, and also authoratively, informed us to leave our bags and DSLRs behind a tiny front workdesk. “No fotos”, she stated, as well as took place to describe that federal government policies limit any type of casual media accessibility. Reluctantly we obliged, but we wondered if they would certainly still exist when we return. Not that we didn’t rely on the employees, but when our cameras integrated equivalent regarding 5 Cuban years of income it’s tough not to see the opportunist temptation.

The trip itself was pretty basic. Far from discovering the whole manufacturing facility, instead we were ushered into a huge hall near the entrance. Prior to we got in the hall we might listen to the same unsupported claims looping over the radio advertising the success of the change. When we stepped inside the hall we were promptly hit with a solid whiff of cigarette. Throughout the area rows upon rows of wooden workdesks were put together, with sturdy wooden chairs and also tougher employees.

cuban cigar factory scenic tours

Two hundred and also fifty Cubans of all ages, sizes and shapes were vigorously pumping out cigars. Fingers naturally working away like carefully tuned pianists. They babbled among the buzz of various other workers, yet constantly remained active. From any type of area in the factory socialist publicity posters could be seen. On the primary wall a huge poster of Fidel states, “Those without jobs, are the careless people letting the country down”. A straightforward pointer to the workers that being unemployed is not an option.

We asked our tourist guide a couple of questions about working hours, average pay and also the different types of stogies. From what we learned, a job in a cigar factory is amongst among the most effective in Cuba. Each worker is assigned a number, and every stogie can be tracked back to an individual employee for high quality screening. Cigar making is reward based, as well as if you’re good at your work you can anticipate to be rewarded for it. While the typical wage is around $25-$ 30 CUC a month, with the moneda nacional motivation bonus offer someone might make up to $45 a month.

Next we relocated onto several of the workers, inquiring concerns regarding their job, but careful not to pry excessive or to be offensive. The majority of employees appeared pretty pleased. They function Monday to Friday, as well as every second Saturday. Shifts begin at 7am and coating at 4pm, with a half hour break and also a hr lunch included. There’s likewise an on-site kitchen area where the employees are fed for 1MN (equivalent of 4c).

Obtaining a job at the manufacturing facility is typically via household recommendations or individuals you understand. After 9 months of training you’re ultimately ready to hit the floor. With over 100 different brands as well as sizes, the workers get educated exactly how to mix the cigarette delegates make certain cigars and also job that exact same dish for a month prior to changing.

After about half an hour of idle chitchat our guide ultimately called an end to the tour. We gave thanks to the employees we would certainly talked with and headed towards the departure. Right before we went to accumulate our bags a tiny feeling of anxiousness hit us. We would certainly failed to remember all about our video cameras being out in the open. Hurriedly we made our way back to the entry, just to discover a smiling guard monitoring our bags till we returned. “Todo bien”, he said, and also we could not agree more.

We left the stogie manufacturing facility pleased that our examination had actually been satisfied. For us it’s still an odd principle to believe that somebody resting on their butt throughout the day rolling cigars can make more than a physician, yet this is Cuba, and also points don’t constantly make sense.…

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Traveling In Belize

Un-Belize-able– this is the nation’s punch line and as well as being an unbelievably excellent word play here, it is in fact something you will certainly find yourself continuously sputtering throughout the journey. The crystal clear waters of the islands, the scrumptious BBQ food, the vast range of nature as well as wild animals and “Go Slow!” attitude of the citizens. The location really is, Un-Belize-able! We needed to claim it! However in all honesty, Belize adventure tasks extend from snorkeling and scuba diving to exploring ancient ruins.

With a country offering just so much it can make it tough to decide what to do in Belize. However worry not, I have actually assembled the very best tours, the must-see sights and also a couple of concealed treasures we came across. You can look for more information on rooms at They have great rates on rooms.

Snorkeling in Belize
Belize boasts the 2nd largest barrier reef on the planet, only being covered by The Wonderful Obstacle Reef in Australia. The Belize Obstacle Reef is a 190 mile stretch that is simply 300 meters off-shore in the north. This means you only require to remain on a boat for an issue of mins until you remain in a prime snorkeling spot. Below are the very best locations to snorkel in the Barrier Coral Reef in Belize:

Hol Chan
The very best place to experience this world class snorkeling is Hol Chan Marine Reserve, which can be reached from either San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, or Caye Caulker The book consists of reef, sea yard and mangroves. The words ‘Hol Chan’ mean ‘Little Network’ in Mayan, as a result of the small opening in the reef for watercrafts to fit through.

In this field, there are possibilities of seeing sea turtles, eagle as well as sting rays, nurse sharks, barracuda and also many more pets.

Because of this being a marine reserve, your boat captain will go through the floating ranger station to collect authorizations. You will also be guided throughout this snorkel. It indicates somebody leads your group and will get on hand to explain any wild animals you will certainly see. Snorkeling in Hol Chan was an actually cool experience and also permitted us to discover additional details that we or else would not have found ourselves.

I would highly suggested forking out the added expense of employing a personal watercraft. This enables you to leave earlier than the team tours. We were the first boat to show up on site, and by the time we were leaving the water for the next website, there went to the very least 15 various other boats.

The Split at Caye Caulker.
One more terrific place for taking a snorkeling excursion in Belize is just off the beach on any one of the islands! You truly do not need to go far to see wildlife. As a matter of fact, we identified rays multiple times simply from strolling along the anchors. Nonetheless, my favorite free Belize snorkel area would have to be the well-known Split at Caye Caulker. The island was split down the middle during the well known 1961 typhoon Hattie. The area of the split is now residence to bars and restaurants, with a few different swim areas around each side. The deep channel attracts countless fish and also there is also a high diving platform for a few other water relevant antics, like improving your backflip.

Whale Sharks
Belize has a rather short whale shark season in comparison to some other places, but if you take place to be in town after that it’s constantly worth a shot! The most effective chances are in April and Might, with some experiences a month earlier or later on. The whale sharks show up throughout the full moon in order to prey on the fish eggs being launched. The reef to see them is called Gladden Spit as well as is 30 miles east of Placencia, and also even if the whale sharks do not get here, this is still an amazing area for diving in Belize.

Belize has even more manatees than any other nation in Central America! They can be seen around the shallow waters of Belize City, Placencia as well as various other marine books. One of the very best locations for it is at Swallow Caye Wildlife Shelter, which can be gotten to from Caye Caulker. A local guide told me that swimming with manatees is no more allowed, because of them being a protected varieties. But there are still numerous choices for manatee viewing, as well as there is always an opportunity of a manatee wandering over to you during among your snorkel trips. They are wild, after all!

Belize Adventure Tasks
Actun Tunichil Mukanl (ATM) Cavern Journey in Belize
Declared as the top spiritual collapse the globe by The National Geographic Culture. The function of countless docudramas as well as visited by archeologists and also rock hounds alike. If you were only ever before mosting likely to do one cave scenic tour in your life, then allow this be it. This is by far one of the best adventure activities in Belize.

This cave is house to the most spectacular formations of circulation stone, with whole caves sparkling from floor to ceiling from mineral deposits. The cave is additionally home to artifacts of the old Maya people. The cave was first entered in 300-600 ADVERTISEMENT, it was not till 700-900 AD that they went deeper and began making use of the cavern for events.

Caverns were thought to be a link to the underworld. A place more detailed to the Gods and also therefore very sacred. It is assumed that after a horrible drought the Mayan individuals were desperate for assistance. They decided to embrace some practices of various other native groups better north, as well as utilize human sacrifice as an offering to the Gods to aid their crops. The remains of which can still be located inside.

What to Bring on The ATM MACHINE Excursion
As mentioned, this is a damp cave. That suggests just bring with you clothing to swim in, some decent tennis shoes and an adjustment of clothing after. Sadly, a couple of years ago a traveler allow their electronic camera slip as well as damages the remains of a skull within the cave. Because of this, absolutely no cameras, consisting of GoPros, are allowed in the cavern. Take this as an opportunity to involve on your own in the experience of the cave without disturbance.

There is a limitation to the number of individuals admitted the cave each day. This does not stop it from filling out, so do whatever it requires to get your trip to leave as early as possible. We were one of the very first teams in the cave, as well as after seeing how many people were can be found in throughout our escape, it would have been an extremely various experience. Below is our complete testimonial of the Belize ATM Caves.

Because of the delicacy of the site, you can not visit the ATM MACHINE caves by yourself. Click here to schedule your ATM MACHINE cavern trip.

Mayan Damages of Belize
There are a number of Mayan damages around Belize, with one of the most remarkable being in the ATM MACHINE cave mentioned over, and Xunantunich damages. Xunantunich lies in western Belize, just a rock’s throw from Guatemala. It lies on top of a ridge over Mopan River. It is still uncertain why the Mayan people abandoned this city, yet it is one of the biggest ever built. Visiting this old site is among one of the most one-of-a-kind things to do in Belize

The main feature is known as ‘El Castillo’– the Castle– which is still the second largest manmade framework in Belize. It is feasible to attach a scenic tour of Xunantunich with Tikal, which is just across the boundary right into Guatemala. This is a UNESCO Globe Heritage Website as well as is believed to have as soon as been the funding of one of one of the most powerful kingdoms of the old Maya. Although these are the most visually outstanding, there are a number of smaller Mayan sites around the majority of Belize areas.

The Great Blue Hole Tour
The Great Blue Opening is an aquatic sink hole covering 318 meters throughout and 124 meters deep. It’s situated near the facility of Lighthouse Reef and also is absolutely out of this world. The Great Blue Hole becomes part of the Belize Obstacle Reef as well as is a UNESCO Globe Heritage Site. It’s placed as top on the Discovery Channels listing of the “10 The Majority Of Remarkable Places in the world”, and also is a prominent spot among divers. Of all things to do in Belize, the Great Blue Hole is a must!

That’s a lot of reasons to obtain to this spectacle! It genuinely is a …